Pomodoro: A Technique to work Efficiently and Productively


My goal is to read and understand 80 sections of company law in 100 minutes. 20 sections in 25 minutes pomodoro.


This was difficult to me for some extent. Because in first pomodoro, I had used facebook for the 2 times. But I had done my first 20 sections in 18 minutes. I had great understanding for these sections. I had completed my task in 91 minutes 39 seconds. I faced only 12% distractions. This was amazing for me. If I normally read these section, I would take 5 to 6 hours. That is why it was not same. I also used it to read the research articles and it reduce my time from 20 to 40 minutes from normal time. Yes, I will use it for the other tasks in my to-do list. I believe it will reduce my time and increase efficiency. It also help you to work under some kind of pressure.

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