Sacrifices and Pain: A story of Hard working

I met with my uncle Tauqeer Yaqub (hiring manager at Murree Brewary).

First and Foremost. This is very knowledgeable experience for me to check the why’s of others.

I discussed all the 9 tips with him. He agreed 100% these tips and say thanks to Amal and Sohail Sahb for their legendary aim and goals. He said that we have achieved good repute and aims through silence. Talk when then it is needed. It is always help you at any matter of life. Patience and tolerance is only developed when you talk less.

He said that ALLAH creates human beings as a his voice for humanity and for his worship. This is the main purpose of every muslim’s life. Mr Tauqeer is only graduate but his way of talking is better than PHD’s. He wanted to become key executive in any multinational company. He had started work as a clerk for 3 years then he appointed as a assitant to deputy hiring officer at Murree Brewary where he has been working for 11 years. Finally he got position as a hiring manager. He has been working on this position for 3 years.

He has 4 sisters. He educated them and married them. He got marry at the age of 40 years. He sacrificed his youth and worked hard for 12 hours and made tour of several cities in Pakistan. Sometime he had no time for relaxation or for his family.

He only said me that If you want to get something, the first thing is your dream then faith and determination. Never hurts anyone because ALLAH always live in the hurt of people. If you do that, you will succeed in this world as well as the other world.

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