In thoughts, In Sanctuary

Sitting on an old bridge, in a sweater and some old jeans, an October breeze found its way through my sleeve, I smiled softly, content and alone, I shivered, it was pleasant. My ears deviated to the creek below me glimmering with the stars it mirrored, the thoughts of her that slowly, pleasantly, drifted me away from reality were quickly shattered by my false accomplishments and hopes. Burying myself in my aged sweater face first, I shielded myself from the cold, then wandered from my thoughts, looked below me, listened to the creek, the chattering of the trees and a single bird that sang to me through the nights asylum. Growing tired I closed my eyes smiling, finding peace within the night and it’s October breeze. laughing knowing she’d probably dismiss my thoughts and whisper to me gently “First world problems.”