Ponder but Move on

The still water and how it engenders its thickness.
Sanctuary to the things that lurk beneath its depths and devours anything that sways above its misery. The scent in which it radiates calls all things unmoral and houses them so well. The life in which it lives is idle, a life that can only comprehend and enjoy the things that wilt in its favor, nor does it breath or sleep and It is of the most miserable of things.

The alluring water, how it progresses, sanctuary to the things that deem most fit in it’s favor. How it departs its gifts to that which gorge through its blessings. As it moves it unfolds it’s gems that lay at its depths, as it moves it shapes the rocks that pose sturdy against its might but silkens with patience. The life in which it lives is one that comprehends all things it flows by, greeting them with a clash or with a flow ever silent, ever peaceful, It is a life that only knows its blessing for it is forever unwrapping them.

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