Intelligence can cheat you but hard work can never

My biggest failure was getting admission in one of the famous Government University for engineering program. I worked hard during my intermediate examination to get admission in my related field. But unfortunately I got sick just before my exam as the result I did not perform well during the exam and I got average marks. But I did not loss heart and again started hardworking to get excellent marks for this time. I only focused on my studied and forgot the other extra regular activities which I was did my friends. I spend my 16 to 18 hours daily on my study and continue it for two years as the result this time I got A grade and started preparation of ECAT test which was required to get admission in any government university of Pakistan for engineering program. I try my best and spend most of my time to prepare the material for the test but unfortunately I could not get good marks in my first attempt. I was very tense at this time even I did not know what I should do. But I am thankful to one of my best teacher who gave me enough courage don’t loss heart and try your best to get success and I am confident you will succeed at this time. At this time I have decided to work with my whole heartedly and I spend my whole time to read the books and getting help from my teachers and seniors. Now I was much involved in my study even often I forgot to eat my meal. At last I got excellent marks at this time and get admission in Punjab University Lahore in BSc Industrial Engineering and Alhamdulillah I am going to pass out my degree at the same year with good performance as good grade.

Form this failure I have learnt: “Intelligence can give a cheat to everyone but hard work can never give cheat anyone”


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