The principles or core values which I was learnt during the fellowship were:

TO know about myself

To increase my confidence level

To know about myself is one of my core value which always created a deep impact on my mind. I was really confused about my goal or purpose in my life. I felt difficulties to share with others that why I am here? What is the purpose of my life? This was the very difficult to give the satisfactory answer to this question to me. I did not know the direction of my life in which I was spending it. I was not aware how can I make my life more productive. But when I got the Amal Academy Career Prep-fellowship I came to know the real purpose of my life. I gave more attention to my these core values during the fellowship and try my best to remove the main hurdles of my life related to these values. I got the feedback from Amal Staff and fellows by sharing my goal to them. This was really awesome to get feedback and improve the deficiencies. Now I realized the purpose of my life. It remove my confusion about my future life and will make it more productive. I was not confident to speak in-front of others. I always got fear to speak in front of others. It created many disadvantages many times in my life. Many time during my presentation I was fully prepared the presentation but my confident level made it ineffective. I got the opportunities in Amal sessions to speaks in front of others particularly in English. It increases my confident level and it will proved more beneficial in my future life.

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