You are conscious but you are not the only one, I am also conscious and so is any other thinking brain & although we know very little about consciousness, it seems legit to believe whenever a brain has neural activity it’s aware of itself & this awareness is not a by-product of who you are but it is what you are. What you see, hear, touch and smell are all different kinds of conscious experiences coming together to form this feeling that is you.

Our Identity:

You are your consciousness but consciousness is not an individual phenomenon, it behaves more like a universal law, rising wherever there is an active brain.

Whenever there is a brain thinking like the way you do and sees what you see and has the memory like the one you have will ultimately feel the same as 
you do!

Have you ever thought who and what you were before coming into existence? Or where were you while sleeping? Remember that neural activity gives rise to consciousness so technically when you are sleeping or not in existence you don’t feel yourself because you are not an individual being floating in a mythical place but instead, you are a law of nature occurring when a mind is active & what identity consciousness gives itself depends on which brain
it is in.

Bigger picture:

So what does it all means, I am just a law of nature? But it doesn’t change anything, I am still locked in my head feeling all lonely and an individual!
Of Course reading this post will not directly change your reality but I hope it has introduced a concept to you that will change our perspective on how to see our existence i.e Till now we all were caught up in our busy life just to help our self and think of others as someone else but by now you are able to understand the bigger picture that your individuality is an illusion and reality is that consciousness is a law of nature & we should start thinking for the greater good and work in our society like one being & not individuals.

To create a better life for consciousness & not just for an individual.

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