Should’ve would’ve could’ve.

My continuous attempt to follow through on things I intend to start.

Challenge accepted.

I had a quick look at my Evernote notebook collection recently. The list of items; side projects, want-to-dos, must-dos, doing, all scattered in a seemingly endless chaos.

The same rut is also present on my Trello boards.

It’s a weakness I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to address for years. The lack of follow up / through.

Before I add more to the growing lists, I’ll make sure to clear off and complete my own personal tasks by end of 2016;

Must dos

Get up and running

This would be my personal page documenting my work, experiments and ideas. It should be high time I flex my web programming + design skills to showcase my output. This could be the first item to be completed (early Feb). Speaking of which;

Brush up on front end development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and several frameworks like Meteor, React in particular) will be top priority to get my web programming knowledge and skills to next level. Oh and animation as well (it’s all about high fidelity, coded prototype these days). By my estimate, every day of freecodecamp for six months minimum to get to my target.

Do more web design practice

This is my favorite past time. Diving into dribbble and behance looking at clean design and deconstructing them. I’d normally happily spend hours recreating them in Sketch and Affinity Designer. Also delve deeper into the fundamentals (color theory, grids). This is a daily occurrence.


Data science, artificial intelligence

Pick up where I left off with Python and R. Probably wise to refresh my statistics knowledge. Watch and take notes from my saved playlists on YouTube. Would be nice to enter a Kaggle competition for once. Utilize the pile of resources I’ve saved ever so often. Start on a weekly basis.

Raspberry Pi

It’s just sitting there collecting dust. Maybe it’s time to put it to good use. Perhaps a weekend project. Two-way mirror display? I’d put this as a monthly affair.

3D/printing, VR, AR

It’s been on my radar for a while. I even have the softwares installed. The only thing holding me back is my inability to figure out commercialization potential for any of them yet. Maybe start with creating content? Learn 3D modeling then. Sounds like weekend activity.

Side projects

So many of them! I’m picking those with potential great value to most number of people.

Read A Lot

I enjoy reading. I LOVE reading. A book a week. I love to talk about what I learned from what I read. However I can’t keep track of books I’ve recommended to people. But what I can do is, put it into writing maybe like a summary and perhaps some analysis of chapters. Share it on slideshare! I’ll start a monthly run.

Wisdom nuggets

I would categorize this as a sandbox project. Turning articles into nuggets of wisdom in a more interactive way. Like Charlie Munger’s 22 bias. Just a simple coding project and make a single page app. Shouldn’t take more than few hours each, most probably Fridays.

Productivity tips

Who doesn’t like those? I’ve learnt that in order to get to what and where I want to be, surest way is to learn and understand the rules enough to bend it to my will. Learn from other people’s mistakes. This would be ongoing.


It’ll be a sweet victory to end 2016 with these completed, finally;

AWS certification

Got my videos, just need to practice more. Not just look it up when I need some DevOps tasks to be done. Done by Q3 hopefully?

Google certification

Adwords, analytics, mobile, the whole lot. Sure, I read up the notes, sat through the course, but never really took the exams. Aim for H1 completion.

That’s it. Oh and I’ll remind myself while these are goals, I’d be better off enjoying the motion, the process of going through it all than focusing on set outcome. These are simply the starting point for something bigger in the long run.

Will I have the time? I don’t know. I’ll make time for sure.

Do I really need to do all these? When am I going to practice it? Again, these are simply the starting point for something bigger in the long run.

I will revisit this page regularly and update on each accordingly.

Watch out yesteryear me.