A Stab Of Shame To A Contemptuous Heart

A Stab Of Shame To A Contemptuous Heart

I wrote the following to a guy who seemed to be justifying/making excuses for ISIS. He was quoting Qur’an and Hadith in his disputation with others. I know it won’t make a difference neither here or there what I said; my voice is puny and too often foolish. Still, I try…

Allow me tell you a story brother, and I hope your worldview allows you to draw lessons from all of life rather than burying your head in a book and closing your eyes to the rest of reality, and then thinking you know life. I am pessimistic, but one can only hope. It’s about Plato and Aristotle, I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Plato didn’t really like Aristotle; he called him “the brain.” It was not a compliment.

Brother, I’m sorry but you and your kind are “brains.” You read scripture with your head, you do all sorts of mental masturbation, and you forget your heart. You forget to read scripture and read your heart. And that is why you go so badly astray and beget monstrosity. Sadly, your state of utter blindness likely will not permit you see my point, see the dagger point dagger you’ve plunged into your heart… But the death is all around you to mirror your own inner reality.

The rest of us see it, see it all, and we weep.

First writ February 3, 2015. Enough is enough, no more tears.

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