America’s best friend

It is in America’s self-interest to force the peace. And peace means justice. Justice for the Palestinian people. Isn’t justice an American value? Stand for peace. Yes my voice is puny, but my aim is true. Is truth. And truth is, for the sake of the world, for the sake of America, and most importantly for God’s sake, the two peoples must reconcile. Truth and reconciliation. And America has the winning hand, the hand to force the cards of peace. America must force the peace. No more double dealing. The world is global, inescapable, interconnected. Injustice there creates blowback here. It’s not right, none of it is. But it is inevitable. Even a fool can see the bloody trajectory. A wise man sees and adjusts accordingly. And a moral man, a moral nation, does the wise and right thing to rectify the grievance, the injustice that begets the hatred, the blowback. Innocents are dying, are being throttled, humiliated, suppressed and depressed. And poisoned. Poisoned with hate. Selective humanity is not humanity. Stand for peace. If just in your heart, stand for peace. It’s a start… ❤

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