An Arrow True

People are mistaking the path for the destination. They identify as ‘Muslim’ and at some level, the base level of their hoary, undisciplined, unrefined nafs, think that is it. They are beginners without the attitude of beginners, a deadly malady. They are not slaves of Allah, but slaves to their own shayateen, with the shayateen round them whispering rockabye lullaby, inculcating feelings of sweetness for only their own, the rest fodder for slaughter. Moreover, on a high spiritual plane, the general ebb of high piety and taqwa amongst the people over the centuries–an altogether expected phenomenon for humankind in the aftermath of spiritual eruption and redefinition of the paradigm, as was the case with Islam and all the great religions–allows an opening for shaytanic forces to seize the reins and pull to the poles. What happens in response, which is indeed happening now and is cause for optimism, is a reassertion of truth, a response and rally of the forces of good, of God, who, having overcome their shock and recognizing, on a deep unconscious level rising to that of thought, the devils gathered and threatening to engulf Islam and poison it for the world, are impelled, are called on by the Lord Who Reigns to rise, arise and stand tall. A champion answers the call. The arc of history is an arrow of time, and Allah’s aim is ever true. Ever Truth.

Evil may engulf Islam, parts of Islam for a time. But Allah envelops all reality, all evil. And Allah is Good. The triumph of good over evil is inevitable; it is in the very construct of reality, the breath of God upon His creation. The die is cast and the game is fixed, the pens lifted and the pages dried.

first writ 16 March 2015 CE