Brothership Eye

I wish we were all just a little more self-aware of ourselves and simply examined how we feel, what we feel when we mock others… We all know from foolish experience that it is ugliness inside us, a kind of a spot, a blind spot upon our heart that should it spread, becomes our heart, a dark, heavy, blinded heart. The scholars, the hadiths are there to guide us and remind us, but if we haven’t the vigilance to watch ourselves, to shine the light and look in ourselves, ongoing and at all times, in real-time, and upon discovering the dirt to wash ourselves, ask Allah to help us wash ourselves, we are wasting our time. The dirt will gather, spread, and cover ourselves, bury ourselves. And then we will die before we die in a way that is not spiritual but wholly material, less than material. A less than material anti-spiritual death before the material death. Allah is watching us. The least we can do is watch us too. Then you both look up to your Rabb, and look in with your Rabb. And thieves in the night will flee on sight, Inshaa Allah.

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