Hijab: Uncovering the Truth


uncovering the truth

One of the reasons science cannot discover God is because it is too literal; it makes the assumption that reality is real. Another reason being science is ill-equipped to assign value, to see meaning in the facts it discerns, or rather those it is allowed to uncover. Something to think about… Don’t think too hard.

I’ve a memory of a thing said by Socrates. He said he didn’t need to argue with anyone. All he need do is say the truth. And the rest is history… Signed, sealed, delivered (baby I’m Yours). Another thing to think about… Don’t think too hard on this either.

Can you stop your heart from liking a song? If it sings true, you’re done. All you can do to resist is stick your fingers in your ears. They tried that with Socrates too. With about as much success. The music vibrates through your bones, fingers and all. And Socrates’ words yet resonate two thousand years gone… Again a think to ponder.

Of late I’ve taken to covering my head. I’ve been wearing a white skullcap commonly worn by Muslims. It’s called a kufi. Rhymes with Sufi. The Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam (God’s peace be upon him) covered his head. Devout Muslims try to emulate the prophetic manner as the man did not do a thing wherein there was not therein a purpose, a deeper meaning in the act. And even if we know not the reason or reasons, we know the ultimate reason must needs be to please, to draw nigh the Ultimate Reason, the Lord of all realities, Allah Ta’Ala Almighty Supreme.

Me being me, the way He made me, I seem to see rhymes, rhythms, reasons, seasons in things… Signs. What I notice in covering my head–I often cloak myself more with a hood, I joke I’m wearing hijab–is that the cloister upon the head and the cloth cornering mine eyes calls forth a feeling of comfort, comfort and remove. A furthering of a feeling of being in the world, safe, but not of it. Think of a newborn swaddled in a blanket, or the feeling felt as a child when an adult smiled and tousled the top of your head. That’s what it feels like. It feels familiar, calming, with no anxiety of exposure. The absence of naked anxiety, and yes, even the head can be felt naked, allows other thoughts to arise, arise and reveal. As for the hooding of face, the awareness of cloth sets a subtle border between the world and me. It makes the world more a movie before my eyes, the sense of which is critical if one wishes to develop the spiritual eye. A fish in the sea soon forgets it is immersed in a shape-shifting liquid, but the fish that breaches the surface, a fish a leap removed, fast sees there is more to see than the sea.

As a practical suggestion from a naive Muslim Brother to my Sisters, I would suggest they not pull their hijab so severely against their face; leave a space for drape. I have experimented with the feeling of cloth close to face and note the feeling of remove is removed. Rather, the face is thrust into reality, which defeats the purpose. The drape, the cloth out the corners of the eyes, is key. Moreover, the jutting presentation of face, unless one is blessed be stark and lovely, may find mirror in subconscious negativity among those swimming the dream. Do like me: wear a kufi (or womanly equivalent), and softly cloak your face in mystery. Symbolically, and if you continue to read me you will see me continually hammer blow shatter the facade of reality to show the symbol to be real, the real steel undergirding existence, symbolically by creating yourself a shroud, you are saying to yourself and those round you that you yourself are shroud, a mystery, a deeply sacred mystery shadowed and unloud.

silence tells… 
and socrates need never argue.

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