LITEX. A Year and a Day

I woke early this morning. As there is no furniture or appliances in the house–mum and dad all moved up north–I’ve taken to washing my clothes as I shower. Aveeno makes for nice detergent and I enjoy the feeling of stomping my shirts like a spanish fémina at a tomato smash festival. A shirt I did a few days ago is a Litex thermal I picked up in Prague back in ‘98. I followed my friends Alvin and Shawn there to make my way as an expat artist. The only problem was that, unlike them, I had the temperament part and none of the art; I lasted three months.

After washing, I got dressed. Insha’Allah, God willing, I’m going running with a young brother after the morning prayer. Fajr prayer is at 7am and it’s 6:09 now, so we’ll see if I finish this before I pick him up. Though the snow is gone, it’s still chilly here in Dayton. At first I put on my Japanese Batoman shirt, it has Batman written in Katakana script, but I remembered the cold and layered the Litex underneath. When I did, I didn’t realize I wore it inside out. I used to do that intentionally with my Raw America shirt. It was black and gold and had a cool label, eagle and flag, with red thread running the trim. It was sharp. This time, with the Litex prancing pony, I did not. Not consciously. When I saw what I did, I almost pulled the shirts off but then I thought, this is kind of neat, with the trim roughing the sleeves. And then I was reminded… Kicked in…

There is no coincidence. And errors, anomalies, skitter steps and the like, are all lessons in lurk, asking to be examined. Or symbolic statements, reminding you, calling you, if you will but listen. Deep down, you know. You know you know. But at the surface, until you acknowledge the deeper realities, that this life is sacred, spiritual, and imbued with meaning, sacred symbolic meaning and not a stupid joke, not some dumb accident, you don’t know. You don’t know you don’t know. But you do know… The inside out shirt is a symbolic statement of the way of truth, of discovery, of looking at oneself honestly, looking in oneself and not allowing appearances or concern for appearances hide who you are, hide you from the truth. When you hide things, when you keep secrets, you hide from yourself, you keep secrets from yourself; you will never find your way. Pay attention, extra attention to the errors you make, the things you forget. They are not errors. They are not forgotten. They are lessons. They are reminders.

They are messages.

It is now 6:42am. Time to drive. Have a beautiful morning, insha’Allah.