«-peripheral vision-»

i run at night, often after midnight. it’s nice here, in this neighborhood… there’s a feeling of space. no power lines or streetlights to usurp the view; just looming trees, and lanterns at yards’ide too. i feel as if i’m winding through an idyllic ville, lanterns lining the way. and it’s quiet. no traffic at night. just a tinkle of a chime and a chill in the air, some curves and hills, and a trickling brook…

i run at night. i run for daylight.

in the dark, we see better out the sides of our eyes. what you see on the sides you will not see in the middle. if you turn your eyes, try to fix direct upon what you felt on the sides, you’ll miss it. you’ll never see it. you have to look without looking.

but first you must pay attention, or you won’t notice what is happening on the sides, on the periphery, where the real action is. pay attention. train yourself to pay attention. soon enough, maybe, you’ll see what i see, see out the sides of your eyes.

1st writ 11 feb 2014 ce
dayton, ohio usa