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I run. I just went for a run. When I run I make an intention to run for God, to run to cultivate a beauty, a perseverence, a strength of character for God. An awareness of God, God-consciousness. Taqwa. To gain the wherewithal for the long haul, a phrase that came to me the other day and I happily repeat today. When I run, in my mind I do dhikr, remembrance of God. Today I started with the Kalma Tayyab, the Word of Purity: La ilaha illa’llah Muhammadur-Rasul Allah. There is no god but God Muhammad is the Messenger of God. There is a rhythm and a rhyme to Islam that speaks to our being as human beings, and is evidence of its divinity. I synced the Kalma with my breathing as I sank into my run. Running uphill, my effort increased and my dhikr went simple. Breathing out I said, “love You,” and breathing in, “Allah.”

“love You,” out, “Allah,” in,
“love You,” out, “Allah,” in…

love You, Allah,
love You, Allah…

Somewhere along the way I realized I was now saying,

“Allah,” out, “love you,” in,
“Allah,” out, “love you,” in…

Allah, love you,
Allah, love you…

I quickened the pace.

First writ 3 July 2015 CE
Dayton, Ohio USA

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