The Beautiful ONE

Answering With Beauty ❤

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The Beautiful ONE: Answering With Beauty ❤

His questions:

I have a big favor for someone who’d be able to answer this for me and I pray that Allah grant you an immense reward!!! Please just take me as a non-Muslim and explain it starting from theology rather than citing Surah Ikhlas!

There are some theological questions I still have that are fundamental for me to believe! I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could answer it for me!!! And please come from a non-Muslim perspective when explaining. Please don’t just take the Ikhlas Oneness concept of the Qur’an and explain it from there but rather explain it for someone who hasn’t accepted Ikhlas.

#1. I just can’t understand why two creators that are eternal and non-resistant to one another cannot exist. They don’t even have to be dependent upon one another. They don’t have to be all-powerful. Why can’t there be not?

#2. Why cannot Allah be the universe and transform shape and resurrect? Let’s say this universe never dies but rather changes forms and always comes back. The creator can resurrect; it never dies. The universe is always there and has endless cycles.

#3. How can you debunk reincarnation since some monotheistic religions contain reincarnation like Jainism and Sikhism? If someone accepts monotheism, they’d have to pick a religion from among the monotheistic faiths which includes Judaism, Christianity, Unitarianism, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and etcetera. Could you explain please from a non-Muslim perspective and not just say because the Qur’an said so or start talking about the Surah Ikhlas concept that the person has not yet accepted logically!

My reply:

Assalamu alaikum Brother. I can give a shot at an explanation that may or may not be of value. May Allah guide me rightly and may He forgive me for any error in my attempt.

#1. Your question as to why not two creators and not One. Firstly, if you admit to a possibility of two creators, you are also admitting to a possibility of any number of creators greater than one, as all numbers greater than one are no different in their nature, but one stands alone, singular and unique, which is indeed what Allah tells us He is, uniquely One. But as you wish for no Qur’anic argument, let us disregard this evidence. The point remains that two or more are in nature the same, but One stands alone. From an argument of beauty, and if you’ve no feeling for beauty I am sorry but I cannot help you as beauty is suprarational, One, unique as it is, is more beautiful than two, or any number greater than two. One Creator is simply more beautiful. Not only is this so, but when you postulate two or more creators, you diminish the meaning, the awesomeness of the very idea of creator, for you have divided creative power, creative control. What does it mean if a creator has only partial jurisdiction over creation? Again the argument from beauty, and ugliness of idea come into play. It is simply more beautiful for there to be a singular, uniquely One All-Powerful Creator.

#2. The argument that Allah is the universe. This is essentially the argument of monism, all is Allah, all creation is Allah, versus monotheism, that there is One Allah, but creation is not Allah. Again I will make an argument from the position of beauty. Monism says that we are all one, that the universe is Allah, and hence we are too as we are the stuff of the universe. So monism says, “One.” One love, One. But look at monotheism: monotheism also says the universe is one, as indeed we are all the stuff of the universe. We are indeed one with all creation. Yet the One of monotheism is “greater,” more beautiful, because we in creation can have our oneness of creation, our one love with all creation, and still have our One Creator, and our One love between Creator and creation. It is as if monism says, “1,” and monotheism says “1x1=1.” One Creator, One creation, One love between Creator and creation… The Oneness of monotheism is more stirring, more awesome, more beautiful than the lesser oneness of monism.

There is another, key point, of vital importance to the spiritual striver. Monotheistic Oneness is SAFER than monistic Oneness: all spiritual paths make abundantly clear that the ego is the enemy of authentic spiritual growth and clear perception. The path of monism all too easily can delude the seeker into saying “I am Allah,” when in fact it is the ego tricking itself. Even if you were to postulate that monism is correct, this great peril still exists, the ugly ego tricking itself. But monotheism by its very nature protects the seeker from such a delusion. In fact, it assists the seeker as it fosters an attitude of humility, of the created being humbly seeking the Face of, bowing before the Face of his Magnificent Lord. Again, beauty peeks through the thread of reason.

#3. As far as reincarnation, one argument against is if you’ve only one shot at eternity, you take your life far more seriously. If you believe you will be reincarnated, you can fall into complacency regarding your life circumstance and spiritual effort. You can make the excuse, “I’ll try harder the next time around.” This is not so if you’ve only one go. And I do note, the poetry of the One shows itself again. One Allah, one creation, one life… One.

Another point I do not know if those who postulate reincarnation address: how if one reincarnates into a “lesser” being, say a mosquito, does one then “ascend” back up the ladder to humanity? What does the mosquito do to earn its way up?

I hope this helps, in some way assists your journey on and along the Straight Path. Insha’Allah :-) ❤

The Straight Path is the Safe Path, the safest path back to the One… He did not leave us without guidance, without a Guide ❤

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