The Fairest One

I always love how your name is Truth & Lies-Israel with the word Lies attached to Israel. And I wonder if it evidences a deeper, revelatory light, your name testifying against you, the opposite of your intent. Don't feel too embarrassed; you are not the first I have noticed where your name, your words, your symbol is more than you think it says, seems to indict. Man has his plan, and God His too.

Prophets, mystics, sages, and saints have oft said that the world is a kind of mirror. To make it more clear for you let us hold the mirror to your name: Israel-Lies & Truth. Israel-Lies, & Truth (I took artistic license with the comma, but a comma is really just a pause, or a gasp). Nice touch with right way/wrong way Truth/Lies sign for your identity. I like that Truth is green and points right, is right. In the Qur'an God says, "Surely therein are signs for those who reflect." I wonder if it also applies to your Truth/Lies sign, applies to your name. I guess we won't really know till we reach the other side, truly see and answer for our deeds. A little something for you to reflect upon. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

You could always rearrange your name to "Israel-Truth & Lies," but it's funny how it doesn't have the same ring to it as "Truth & Lies-Israel." It doesn't feel as right, at least that's what I notice. Language is like that, which if you think of it, if you believe in a spiritual reality, believe in a God who has revealed Himself and guided humankind via the word, makes perfect sense. But perhaps you don't have a sense for the word, in which case perhaps all I have said is nonsense, or perhaps you have just enough sense to feel embarrassed if not more, and so have no compunction against taking from my advice. But in such case, you'll always know that I know the truth, and Him too, know what you did... Kind of like Israel, what the Zionists did. The Palestinians know, and Him too. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

He's the Fairest One of all.

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