True Religion?

Shall I show you how deeply symbolic is this existence? In November of 2012 I was in Calgary for school. While there I purchased several pair of jeans, one of which was a nice pair of True Religion jeans. If you are familiar with True Religion, their symbol is a laughing Buddha. At the time, as now, I was actively practicing my religion, Islam. I didn’t wear the jeans until I returned to Edmonton. The first time I wore the jeans, the button popped off. I didn’t fully make the connection, see the symbolism, realize the extent of the insult, until now. And I am so sorry!

Some may say I have an overactive imagination, I have lost touch with reality… I purse my lips and pray.

I never wore the jeans again.

first writ 7 april 2014 ce in dayton, ohio

Jeffrey Lubell: Everything in my brand has meaning. The hitchhiking Buddha was constantly evolving and True Religion meant there’s really only one religion in the world. That’s people, and we all wear jeans.”

Alister & Paine: Best perk of the job?

Jeffrey Lubell: Besides compensation? I’m kidding. It’s not about the money. The best feeling I have is being able to do what I think my consumer wants in design and seeing people in my product. Celebrities really connected with the brand too. There’s not a celebrity I can think of that has not worn True Religion at one time or another.

What’s on the horizon?

Jeffrey Lubell: Global domination.

Alister & Paine: Typical daily wardrobe for you?

Jeffrey Lubell: What do you think? True Religion Jeans, True Religion Socks, True Religion Shirt, True Religion Boxers…Eat sleep & drink True Religion. It runs through my veins. I’m very fortunate and very blessed. I keep my feet on the ground. It’s not about ego.

WOAH are those true religion jeans?

your damn right they are!