0740 // Bed

I had set my alarm for 0445 with the hopes of getting up and studying, and while I dd, I ended up getting back in bed and slept till now. Unfortunately can’t go back in time, so I’ll have to play today with that mindset. I can still accomplish things today and make progress on my goals as planned so that’s what I’ll do.

I’ve got a fair bit to do today and the CFP Championship Game is tonight and so I’ll have to plan my day according to that.

Just checked and the game starts at 7 so I might head to gym around 6/6:30 and just go through my workout with no distractions. It’s probably going to be absolutely packed but hopefully I can just get in an out.

Time to get out of here though and hit that corporate grind. Also I had a crazy dream where my jaw was messed up and now it feels weird. Strange.

1340 // Work

You know I haven’t been as concerned or nervous about people reading this because I doubt anybody really is. But I am curious as to how I’m going to respond when people mention it.

I expect to get the full suite of comments:

  • “Oh that’s cool, but like why are you doing it?”
  • “Nice blog, it’s kinda weird”
  • The classic someone brings it up in a group and like tries to make you feel awkward

I get that I sound pessimistic about what those reactions might be, but I also have to recognize that I enjoy doing this, something that’s important to me, and something I want to get better at. When people make comments, good or bad, I have to merely brush it off. I can’t let encouragement breed complacency nor let negativity breed insecurity.

1925 // Room

Back home for the game, I ended up not working out “Full Body” today as I had done “Legs” the day prior and a double-duty of class workouts today during lunch. No surprise my head was killing me after, but it got better as the day progressed, I ate more and had more water. I also ended up finishing a workfile that I had been working on for some time — it’s not the most incredible thing, actually scratch that, it’s pretty cool. Now that I’ve knocked that one out, I’m going to try a similar approach to my existing workfiles.

Anyways, the championship game is on — we’ll see where that goes.

2345 // Room

Clemson beat Alabama 44–16 in what honestly was one of the most shocking beatdowns that I’ve seen in my experience watching college football (which is not that long). Watching the game was a great experience of hanging out with good friends, scarfing down junk food, and just enjoying the overall company.

Multiple takeaways from the whole thing:

  • I enjoy moments like this where you kick all worries to the curb and just enjoy the time spent with those around you. It’s simple — and cliche as always — but those moments can be fleeting.
  • Dabo Swinney has to be one of my favorite celebrity / sports figures now. His immediate speech after the game and his mentality with respect to the big stage are just fueled by a belief system that I very much agree with. It may be naive to think this way, but I fully believe that anyone can accomplish anything if their belief system allows them to think they can.
  • Same with Christian Wilkins and Trevor Lawrence. Both players represent completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but still, exude a ritualistic belief and intensity about the situation that is what I am trying to exude in this writing. We always say they’re just playing a game and yet recognize their ritualistic behaviors — yet we won’t take that same approach to our health and wellness when that’s our wellbeing we’re working on.

2355 // Room

It was a slow day kicked off with a slow morning. I was hoping to get to bed early today, but that probably could’ve been eliminated before the night even started. Getting up early tomorrow for sure — I always say this and have yet to succeed, but if I write it enough, maybe I’ll execute.


  • Pushed myself through both workouts today, and although I was dragging myself through the second one, I didn’t bail.
  • Recognized what my body needed with respect to recovery, made the smart decision, and allowed myself to be content with the choice.
  • Adapted to challenging situations at work and was proactive in resolving multiple issues that hit me.


  • Didn’t make enough of a conscious effort to eat healthily or consistently throughout the day.
  • Beyond work, I didn’t accomplish much of the other things I am putting on my plate.
  • Made good progress on water, but still lacking prayer and more consistent faith + connection throughout my day.

Thankful For:

  • Good friends, good company, and a good time watching the game.
  • Cognizance of my day, how I behave, and just my interactions in general.
  • Resilience and strength to adapt to changing situations.

Praying For:

  • An early and effective start to my day tomorrow with the opportunity to make meaningful progress on some projects.
  • Focus and clarity with respect to my fitness and health / eating.
  • Compassion and consideration for those around me and in my interactions with them throughout the day.

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