Setting Time Aside For What’s Truly Important

Keyword is aside.

As we get older, we find that we don’t have as much spare time as we used to. All of a sudden there are all these deadlines, imposed by external forces (boss, professor, e.t.c), leading to longer hours, sleepless nights and higher overall caffeine consumption. As I write this post, I have at least 3 upcoming deadlines. One of which is just two days away.

More importantly, we have goals that we have set for ourselves. Long-term and short-term. To look, feel better, be fitter, be more intelligent, religious, build something. Whatever. One thing that is common to all goals is that they take time to reach. And unfortunately, life never says “Hey buddy, take this large chunk of time to work on this really important life goal that you have set for yourself.” They have to be achieved in the wake of the aforementioned deadlines.

One may point out that you could always ditch commitments to pursue these goals and depending on how risk-averse you are, you may be right. Risk taking is not exactly my forte so I cannot be of much help to all ye risk takers.

Reiterating one of the points in an earlier post, there will never be enough time. There is simply no such thing. We must create time. It’s probably worth noting here that having too many things on the “important” list is a recipe for disaster.

Make time to work towards those goals this week. First thing in the morning, or last thing before you go to bed. Whenever. Just. Find. Time.

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