The Western Response to the Charlie Hebdo Killing is Nothing but Hypocrisy

Even before the real facts were confirmed, politicians and the public were quick to tell the story of how “foreigners” were attacking “French Freedoms”. It’s not a new story, but now with the Charlie Hebdo killings, it’s has reared its head again.

Before we look at the reaction to the incident, there needs to be something made clear about the Charlie Hebdo magazine. The way Charlie Hebdo portrays Muslims is not just an attack on the religion itself, nor is it in any way logical or reasonable. Its crass nature is not just anti-religion, but also racist against Arabs, as well as possesing a deep and irrational hate of Muslims.

Left: “The french are just as stupid as the blacks” Centre: “Angry Boko Haram’s sexual slaves : don’t take away our child benefit” Right: “The Qur’an is the shit. It does not protect you from bullets”

If you were to replace the same level of insult, bigotry & crass stereotypes with women or black people, would the magazine not be in breach of the law? If you can’t draw black people with big lips, big noses with a negative sentiment, why is it allowed for Arabs or Muslims? Sure, the cartoonists did not deserve to be killed, but they certainly deserved to be arrested and prosecuted for inciting racial or religious hatred. And yet this was not called for by France’s public or population at any time at all. Why?

Instead, the reaction we got from Europeans on social media is one of the usual ideological and cultural fever. The press largely assumed that the gunmen had links to al-qaeda or ISIS, despite that this is something yet to be confirmed. Vocal parts of the white European public went a step further and connected them to Muslims as a whole; you know, those barbaric cultural infidels that follow the backward religion called Islam. With all the zeal and mouth-frothing of a marching crusading knight, they called for mass deportation, revenge attacks and the purging of the scourge from their land of “principle” and “universal freedom.”

How dare these Muslims attack the cartoonist of Charlie Hebdo, those great supporters of “Freedom of Speech”, liberty and promotion of social harmony. Why should the white European therefore tolerate such undemocratic and uncivilised behavior like the killing of innocent commentators and journalists? Maybe when Israel does it perhaps? Or maybe only when white journalists are killed by ISIS, but not Muslim or coloured journalists?

Europeans calling for mass expulsion, clash of civlisations and genocide in the name of Freedom of Speech and Democracy.

The problem with the people mourning and raving for revenge of this tragedy, is not just that they only become moral paladins when white Europeans are killed and give quick dismissals of any “other” that suffer the exact same fate, it is also because they are the ones that are actively calling for the “clash of civilisations”.

Infact, contrary to popular belief, there are far more white Europeans calling for this than anyone else and that is indicative by the rise of fascism in Europe.

Contrast the white European reaction to Anders Brevik. For starters, the Western press immediately assumed that he was a Muslim. The far right, Christian Islamophobic extremist, went to bomb and gun 77 innocent people dead. At no point were we made to think that we have to hate or blame or demand allegiance from white European men and women. Nor was there any demand to hold them and their cultural ideology personally accountable. Miracles of miracles, he was not even called an ideologically driven terrorist.

All of this only shows just how deeply hypocritical the response from the white European is. Whilst they pour their tears and emotions over #JeSuisCharlie, they ignore all the other suffering that is caused by their Islamophobic lurching. And being so blind to their own self-supremacy, they do not even recognise how apathetic they are when their countries actively suppress the principles they love so much around in the world.

Even their rallying behind Freedom of Speech is hypocritical given their calls was for mass expulsion and genocide.

Neither will they address the unethical foreign policies and imperialism that make up both centuries long and current oppression they imposed on the world or how their reckless war games that have caused a breeding ground to terrorism home and abroad today. They will not mention how deeply oppressive their Islamophobia agenda is making their society, or how it is akin to Nazi Germany.

How could the white European democratic liberal society be so wrong? Why not just do what medieval Europe did? Blame it on their inferior religion, whilst Europe has the privilege to live in moral quackery.

All they have achieved is effectively defended their own bigotry, Islamophobia and racism through a veil of being victims. Masquerading their superior culture that is inherently white-supremacist. A bigoted mindset where they must mourn for their own, but not for those their government policy have massacred; where they bear no responsibility for their past war crimes around the world, but all innocents of other cultures and faiths must bear the brunt of the seeds of extremism those wars create. The same superior culture that has caused so much ruin to the rest of the world though colonisation, imperialism, proxy wars and the funding and arming of extreme militias.

Its never been Muslims that have had the problem. No matter how much Muslims apologise and condemn, anti-Muslim hatred never is confronted by western societies, and so it rises. The problem lies in westerners and their hypocrisy towards their own hate fueled prejudices. Its only until this has been understood by the West will we start to see Islamophobia reduce and issues of racism improve in our societies and in our world.

Sadly, this will not happen any time soon. Until then, expect more draconian laws in the name of liberty, expect more Islamophobic violence to be accepted by the “moral masses”, expect more calls for persecution and genocide in the name of freedom and all the other things that comes with Western hypocrisy.

Vive la Bigoterie
Vive l’islamophobie

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