Anyways that’s it for now I really like this platform and honestly I only believe that it is going to get better since (unlike YouTube) Ev Williams actually seems to listen to the creators on here and reads what they think
Suggestions for Medium’s membership program

I hope he does listen and iterate quickly on the membership “features”. My thoughts on membership for what its worth

  • I joined and pay because I want Medium to find a model that does not rely on ads
  • I like the new homepage but am not bothered about the member only content and emails
  • Membership should be more writer than reader focussed
  • Membership should give you 1 free custom domain to host 1 publication
  • Membership should give me way better analytics and stats – i want to know where my readers are coming from, e.g. if they came from Google, what were they searching for
  • Membership should give me better tools as a writer like more control over image positioning, build in language metrics / spelling / grammar correction, easier linking to sections of a post, etc etc etc

Most important of all …

Membership should give me the option to disable the halo 😇.

Im NOT a member because I want to stand out and say … look at me I am so special.

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