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Im not convinced by the “make $$$ doing what you love” bit – but agree that you either love the “doing” or the “result”. If you dont love either then try and avoid it if you can. Or see it as a means to generate $$ while you work on something you do love doing or getting in your spare time.

Now on the mentoring bit – who is your hero that you wish would mentor you next year ? If you dont wanna share – which of the steps below has had the biggest impact on closing in on that outcome ?

ps. its hot today ;) gotta get back to doing the work i ❤️ love. Not for the $$$ of course.

Update: note picture of church has nothing to do with my work, and was just to share the weather☀️☀️.

And an example of the points above – I just cycled back home up a steep hill, sweat pouring off my face now. I dont enjoy that work and dont earn $$ with it – but the outcome is that I am healthier which means I can try and outcompete those far ahead of me – like you 😏

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