my practice of constantly keeping my goals mentally connected to my daily tasks
Ideas about motivation that you’ll get if you’re an entrepreneur
J. Westenberg 🌈

This is the key bit for me:

➡️ Daily reviews

It not just helps with making sure I work on the right things. I (mostly) do that anyway. There is a hidden benefit from daily reviews that not many people talk about.

I’ve noticed that in times where I don’t take 5 minutes to review goals and the day’s tasks – slowly but surely – over a few days – procrastination sneaks out of the long grass. Ready to ruin my work day.

It’s an evil little sneaky 🐍 snake.

Before you know it, she’s curled its way around you, trying to squeeze out motivation, injecting her procrastination poison.

The daily review is the only anti-dote.

So when I notice I’m getting f@ck all done – I reboot:

  • revisit my projects.
  • clear my mind by dumping everything on paper in a list to review later
  • set that weeks priorities
  • agree with myself the 1 thing I will accomplish on that day
  • create momentum by starting with some small easy tasks

This gets me back on track, and sends the snake 🐍 back into the long grass.