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Can I please please please just have an easy link to my time sorted feed Your Friends @ Medium.

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You know — like the one you sometimes link to — from my special new shiny homepage.

Its soooo frustrating.

I know … I should not get wound up about this. Its not very stoic is it. Must do better. Must try harder.

But so must Medium.

Why are they so against making this easily accessible for users?

Is it a cultural thing? Or are they worried about users feeling the pressure of the feed. Like the “Fear of Missing Out” feeling.


I think Medium users are strong enough to wistand that fear.

Don’t you?

So please Medium — can you add a link to access my network feed easily.

Here are the links that work right now.

Each show new posts — but they are not sorted on post time showing most recent first. It looks like “user engagement” is used to provide an additional layer.

All links show posts based on users, publications or tags you follow.

Do you want this ?

Respond, share, write.

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