So how do I login? How do I request you to remove my data? Not sure if its a coincidence but I tried you out 2 days ago and today my CH acc seems to be shaddow banned with "poor connection" error showing only on my profile, and no sound in rooms.

🚰 🍋 🍚 🌞 🏃‍♀

If you’re on Twitter you probably noticed this weeks tweets about the #Oneteam all hands Twitter meeting on 31 July.


One particular moment seems to have caught people’s interest: #saltjuice

And it was in response to this slide in Jack Dorsey’s opening presentation.

Looks like they were handing it out on a silver platter

And shortly after @thesaltjuice was born

So … What is Salt Juice?

Before I start — a health warning. Im not a doctor or health professional or scientist. This is not medical advice, for all i know #saltjuice has unknown sideeffects. …

Its a bit like Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero but for your Medium Reading List with a bit of Javascript cheating.

If you’re like me you will have tons of Medium stories saved in your Reading list. 📥 Adding more every day. 😱 Never really reading them. 🥞 Just stacking up!

In this post I show you how you can reset your Readinglist quickly with some basic Javascript.

⚠️ I don’t know much Javascript and the code shared in this post for sure could be improved. Its the result of plugging together various stack overflow posts. And I only tested it on MacOS Safari 11.1.2.

Do I have a problem?

Yes. Look at these stats.

eBooks a plenty. Read for “free”. Make your real books beautiful — like Seth Godin and Intercom.

I have a request …

… for writers & publishers …

Please make more beautiful books.

The words on the page, they matter, and I can get those in digital form — as audio or text.

Digital is all about convenience. Ease of use. Low friction.

But when I get a hardcopy — it needs to be more then those words.

It should be a work of Art. An experience.

Like “On Starting Up” by Intercom

Did she really make €800 from a €1000 crypto investment, or is this another case of influencer marketing & cryptocurrency?

TLDR; Frensh starlet Nabila on Snapchat recommends you make money with bitcoin without opening your eyes because there is nothing to loose (lol). Then pitches a €549 “learn to trade bitcoin” subscription. French media outrage follows, with AMD (French financial regulator/ombudsman) warning citizens of the risks “You can loose everything”.

Heres the video

Why am I writing about this?

I needed a break and a little distraction. So I started checking the rising trends for a couple of key terms. Im sure you already heard about Kodak’s pivot to Bitcoin mining & its KashMiner. …

Snapchat Launching Augmented Reality Art Today

This is going to be exciting. Snapchat Art was leaked yesterday, and someone figured out moving their clock forward showed up what was gonna happen in about 3 hours from now.

Update – It works!

I❤You, But Your Offering To Business Is SHIT!

Apologies for my quick rant on a Saturday morning 😤, but just need to vent.

Here are some of the things I just dont get.

  • You say you are open for business, especially smaller businesses. But your not easy to access
  • You’re worth “billions” (for now, but its rapidly declining).
  • You have tons of funding.

But there are some basic fundamental issues with your business offering.

To the extent where you seem closed for business.

Maybe you’re just offering something to “business” to pacify the “market” ?

If some of these things don’t get fixed, I doubt you will ever…

Your commercial & sensitive video content can be watched by anyone, even those that don’t pay or work for you, unless you change your default settings.

TLDR; If you use Wistia to host your internal or paid for training videos then they may be open to everyone. More than half of 1000 videos I tested had open project URLs showing all videos in that project. Changing a few settings will fix this. In addition, I recommend you keep shared public videos in a separate project. Keep your paid for and internal videos in a separate project and make sure its locked. And lastly, whitelist the domains that can embed your content.

⚠️ UPDATE: As a result of this post, Wistia have fixed the issue that allows anyone to figure out your Wistia project URL and see your videos. Props to your team Chris Savage!

Your content is now more secure then before. But if your projects remain Unlocked —…

Snapchat released their browser based editor for creating SnapAds. It’s power is its simplicity.

Just released and I’ve had my first play around with this tool. You will need a Snap Ads account to use this.

The included templates are shit but a good place to start to see whats possible.

Four of the included Templates

In summary, you can:

  • import images from a url
  • layer images, text and video
  • time display of images, text and video
  • animate & transition

Importing from a Website

Its super easy to add Media to your Snap Ad project that you can then add to & animate in your snap ad. Of course you can upload videos & images. …

#36 – July 5th – No One Said It’d Be Easy

Resist the superficial. Do the hard work. Do the work no one is doing.

Again, they won’t do what they find base, even if it brings wealth, pleasure, or power.

But what is “base” ? Is base “the easy way” ? Is base “doing what you love” ?

It seems to me that todays meditation also talks about productivity and focus. Base is “ordering that stack of papers on your desk”. Base is “redoing your email archiving system”. Base are all those things your doing to avoid facing that hard task that you know you should be doing.

Don’t start…

Imrat Jn

I write about Marketing, Web, or what motivates me at the moment. Right now — its just 1 big Medium experiment. I used to sneak around and break things online.

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