#10ideasaday #day4

  1. Let today be a day for longing.
  2. Go for a walk, take out your imaginary dogs, name them Karma and Borges.
  3. Look out for a glance, greet the lady in the white car with a slight movement of the eyes, wait for her smile, turn it into warmth, swallow it down with soggy leaf smell.
  4. Let the Fall now turn your town into something else.
  5. The streets take you to unknown places, a cellar bar, for instance, where this Argentinian man chants about the beauties of country life, wine and harvest and disappearing women.
  6. Such an improbable thought that without causality there is no free will either.
  7. Close your eyes and draw a line and mark two points on it, A and B, so that the distance between A and B is zero and the distance between B and A is infinite.
  8. Build an owl, be a child.
  9. Wish for everything you already have.
  10. Find a new home, never go back to that old building again.