Facebook Tomorrow


Having read James Altucher’s piece on how to become an idea machine a few weeks ago, I decided I would sit down every day and come up with ten ideas for the fun and the possible benefits James talks about. It’s actually not easy to come up with ideas and it always takes longer than expected. (Well, yeah, still a lot easier than turning them into reality.) Some of the ideas I publish here. Yesterday, I had a few minutes to tap into Facebook’s future as I am now trying to come up with ideas around specific topics and it was open in front of me. All in all, it might be interesting how an average user can see a product’s future. Take it with a bit of salt.

  1. Messenger and WhatsApp have been turned into MessApp and successfully battled down Skype, Google Hangouts, and other videophone and conference tools
  2. AI based learning bots register, cultivate their accounts, create and share content, create communities, engage with humans, work for causes and brands
  3. Virtual reality dating and virtual reality gaming are available for paying customers
  4. 700 million customers are from and registered in China
  5. Free Facebooknet in Africa, Asia, and the Arctics
  6. Facebook registration and life plans from early childhood, suggestions on kinds of people to be befriended, schools to be attended, etc.
  7. Facebook cemeteries (Notice: After his death, your Facebook Friend John Smith Sr.’s profile has been removed to our Cemetery Page. Accept our warmest heartfelt! Visit the page and light an e-candle!)
  8. Facebook Pay, Facebook Phone, Facebook ID to connect to state, bank and other institutional services
  9. Instagram, now incorporated in the platform’s services, is the largest audio-visual content creator community, also serving news stations and what has left of them
  10. Facebook OS running on the ultimate Facebook device with nano implants has been injected to test communities around the globe
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