Thanks Bridestory.

I never imagine before that someday I will work for a biggest wedding marketplace in Indonesia which is Bridestory. What I kept in mind since I was on my first work (Icehouse Corp) was the will to kept staying there until I start my journey as graduate student. Then things happened and life changed very quickly.

Approximately 10 months ago, the Bridestory’s CTO approached and offered me an opportunity to learn something that I was looking for, so called Data Analytics. By that time, I’m still working on mobile app development. So no wonder if this offer came with a strict requirement: I had to help building the Bridestory User App and we work on data analytics afterwards. Oh, this man know how to make a trap :p Okay. Deal!

In the first 4 months, I had to fulfill my promise to help this company building its iOS app. I can say there were no significant troubles that we faced in developing this app. Everyday was just like a normal day. We talked about stories, requirements, code review, repository management and then we iterated back. Let me give credits to the team: Edi, Reta, Ibnu, Bobi, Amang, Viskaya.

Enough for iOS development.

While working on big data analytics works, I’m trusted to initialize the best data infrastructure that suit the company’s needs. I was also assigned a search engine problem that I have to solve on the same time. I bet on Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Elasticsearch and its allies at the beginning to start creating data pipeline in Bridestory and solve this issue. What’s on my mind by that time was it’s going to be god d*mn scalable and it will help a lot improving the data analytics in the future when the bridestory system become bigger.

The best part of working in data analyics for me was the review that I’ve got for data pipeline that i’ve tried to build. We can say that Spark, Hadoop and friends are becoming the trends in big data analytics. However, at this scale, we think that we are not ready for this technology. Those techs were overfitting and we still dont know well how to control and maintain it. We need something simpler but still can help us in achieving the goal and harvesting more value from our data. At the moment, I think i was dumb because I was not able to see the company need from the beginning and provide a better solution for it and I guessed I will become a person to be blamed for the resource that I’ve wasted. Fortunately, my prediction was wrong. I’m really grateful to have a manager who let me failed, learned and saw another approach that might be work for all of us. After all of this, we currently are trying to create our data pipeline with simpler step and hope that it’s going to work properly :)

I’m writing this post in my last week in Bridestory where the only work left was initiating the recommendation engine based on syalalalaa requirements. I’ve left the data infrastructure design to the person who will be in charge. Hope he can take lessons and make it real (this is a must :p).

The biggest thanks is for the Mr. CTO, mas Doni. Thanks for being a manager who always critize my proposed idea and let me think about the blind spot that I couldn’t see. Thanks for advices for my future careers and for being a good brother! So sorry for all mistakes and everything that didnt work well as planned :p. Then, thanks to Aldi (the ex-microsoft, our former CIO) who introduced the concept of semantics layer to all of us and teach me how data analytics supposed to work. Thanks for all of engineering team whose name I cant mention all. You guys rock! You’ve made my day!

Last but not least, thanks for giving me those bunch of excellent experiences, dear Bridestory. Finally, I can resign peacefully (if you know what i mean :p), be 99% focus on my graduate school and spent a lot of time to explore the Silicon Valley. See ya!

God will lead you to an unexpected journey. So just be grateful and do the best thing!
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