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The Ashkenazi-Khazar Bolshevik Zionist Settler gangs have descended on the naïve, trusting, unprepared natives of Palestine. they brought with them the inhumanity that they learned and practiced in Russia and Eastern Europe against the Christians starting in 1917, in St, Petersburg, Russia. The Palestinians are in fact the, true descendants of the ancient Hebrews. After the Roman occupation and the destruction of their Temple, only the Zealot followers of Jesus and some tradesman, were those who migrated to the lands of the, Gentiles, the Rome and the Eastern Roman Empire. The majority of the Hebrews were farmers, tied to the land, all stayed. When the Forces of Islam in the 6th century overrun Palestine, (Samaria, Judea) there were the Hebrews, many adopted Christianity, others were following one or another of the Judaic Sects of the time. Within the first hundred year or so, many if not most of the Hebrews have taken up the religion of ISLAM! Why? As a Muslim one wasn’t forced to pay any TAX! So it is ironic, that the False Hebrews with the Judaic Religion have embarked since the 1930s on the Ethnic Cleansing, of the true, descendants of the Ancient Hebrews!

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