O Dream — E Soul

Raj Suthar
1 min readAug 1, 2017


O dream, what gave you birth?
- E soul, a human hope of seeing heaven on earth.

O dream, why do you overwhelm my mind?
- E soul, I extend a helping hand to mankind.

O dream, what do you pray for in eternity?
- E soul, mankind’s peace and prosperity.

O dream, why do we walk hand in hand?
- E soul, together we can help humans conquer the land.

O dream, why do you dazzle like sapphire?
- E soul, to empower humans to build and rule an empire.

O dream, how you help human life?
- E soul, by making him discover the purpose of life.

O dream, what does humanity gain?
- E soul, smiles in the rain of pain.

O dream, what is your feast?
- E soul, humans living in imagination bring zest.

O dream, why by the almighty you were sent?
- E soul, immense dexterity to make you, an omnipotent.