Letter from above the clouds (#4)

It’s hard to find the purpose to fight when the only person you want to fight for is half way across the world.

So here’s another letter to you; I’m thousands of feet above the cloud again, I’m not sure where I’m going but here I am, sitting in the window seat and staring out at the clouds, thinking about you.

I told them about you. I told everyone about you and they keep telling me that it’s not going to work if I’m the only one chasing you.

I think I agree on that too.

I don’t know what went wrong with us but I can feel like you’re giving up on us. It’s like we’re talking on broken lines and fighting this war that feels like there’s no end to it.

I know you’re giving up on us and I can’t do anything to change your mind.

So here I am again, dragging myself off the plane as it landed. I walk through the terminal like I’m flowing; like my head was stuck in the clouds. People are rushing pass me to their love ones, happy to pick up where they left off with their lovers.

They are going home.

When I saw you standing there; I can literally see the end. No smile, no hello.

I stand there and look at you.

Instead of hello, we said goodbye.

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