It’s Raining

It’s raining. With the sprinkling of the rain drops on my face, I’m trying to figure as why these drops seems to be so pleasing. I can feel the chill over my warm face, I can feel the very drop, its weight, its volume and everything that’s makes it so special. I can feel my stress and pain washing out. This feel is indeed mesmerizing.

My mother used to tell me, when I was a child around four or five. I used to play in rain water, I used to bath with a mad dance, I used to make paper boats. With the time everything is left behind. We all are stacked in the locks of dilemmas and dualities of life. Somewhere between making those paper boats and working on a paper we grew and mature. It literally feels so much sad to know that we don’t have time for ourselves, our families and the people who love us. Well it’s a understood fact that we can’t make paper boats and play in rain as we are so-called mature people, we can have some tea with pakodas with our loved one’s. Yes we should have, just to relax our tired feet, just to give some time to our loved one’s. This will also help in reducing stress to some extent. If you feel that the child inside you is not yet dead, then just dance madly man, just keep all the stress aside, be free, be wild, just go mad. Remember dancing is mandatory.

This world is full of chaos. Yes it is. Why don’t let rain to wet them all. Enjoy the rain, add some chill to your warm body, but remember don’t let the fire inside you die. Why don’t we learn something today, see how the clouds releases their loads, the stress. Cry sometimes, its easy, its damm easy man. Wash out your emotions, be free. Life is beautiful.

This life is tough too, yes it is. But darling so you are.

Imbibe positivity of rain, and grow.


Without Rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life.