13 Golden Sentences to Learn Basic Korean Grammar

Korean alphabets were created based on mouth shapes.

Fans of Tim Ferriss will immediately recognize this language learning method. You can read here about his ninja method of learning any language in 1 hour.

I love this quote by Tim Ferriss on how he learn dozen of languages:

How is it possible to become conversationally fluent in one of these languages in 2–12 months? It starts with deconstructing them, choosing wisely, and abandoning all but a few of them.

Pareto’s Principle of 80/20

It’s about focusing on the 20% work that will give you 80% of the results.

This, my Korean learning friend, is Pareto’s Principle applied to Korean language.

These 13 sentences will expose a lot of Korean grammar and sentence structure. I’ve used this method when I started learning Korean.

Big picture view of Korean language

If you’re just starting to learn Korean, this is infographic is perfect for you. You can start making new sentences in Korean after studying these 13 sentences.

If you need help in any grammar, leave a comment below. I’ll explain with more details and send you some reading materials on that specific grammar.

Note: It’s best if you can already read Hangul.
It’s not that difficult. Watch
this video.

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