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Online advertising space has blown years ago and still showing its impact. A lot of factors go into its high and lows. They are like Top SEO Companies in Bangalore

- The Internet size has increased tremendously

- Mobile networking and penetration

- Low budgets and measureable returns when compared to offline marketing

Let’s discuss some of the top advertising platforms for your business.

1. Google Search and Google Display Advertising:

Did you know the fact that Google display network reaches almost 90% of the global internet users *com score? This was the first advertising platform that gave solutions for all types of businesses like Startups to MNC corporations. Google remains as the top choices for businesses as it is preferred as advertising destinations because of its Adwords platform. . Online marketing companies in Bangalore

2. Facebook/Social Media Advertising:

More than 1.72 billion users on Facebook, and more than a billion interactions on other social media websites, Imagine a large organization try to reach these people via traditional modes of advertising. It would cost them billions. Also for small businesses, they can now connect with people without much investment. Internet marketing agency in Bangalore

3. Third Part Display Ads and Comments

The pay scale for sure is low on Google for publishers. Advertising Agencies in Bangalore So is the advent of new independent alternative to Google. Media houses, popular domain specific website are offering these solutions. Some of them are:

• ContextWeb

• Bidvertiser

• Clicksor

The technology involved in this process of Ads display is far more innovative than Google’s advertising. Rollover ads, POP ads etc been begun on 3rd party network.

4. Video Advertising:

Stats say that on an average people spent 20–24 minutes on YouTube content every day and this medium gets undivided user attention when compared to other medium. This is a massive space where any business can start investing in advertising. The ad platform on YouTube and Vimeo started very recently and growing exponentially day by day. While YouTube advertising can be mostly suited for medium and large business currently, we recommend small business to wait for more time before investing on YouTube advertising. Social Media Marketing Services Bangalore

Get Help:

You may have heard the maxim, ‘when spiders join together, they can tie up a lion’. Get offer assistance. It might be extremely exciting to do everything yourself except realize that attempting to do everything alone is a formula for failure. On the off chance that you think extending your group to incorporate a designer, developer, online networking, specialists, content pro, and marketing team is a tremendous long time cost, contact us to perceive how we can help you with your business. IM Solutions endeavours to provide the best services and act as your extended team. Best SEO Services in Bangalore

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