10 Quick and Amazing Smart Tips for All Freshers

Everyone dreams of realizing their golden dreams once he /she completes his education. And hey! its obvious too! After all we all studied so much for it and are ready to grab new opportunities.

But sometimes, opportunities doesn’t look for us the way we wait for them. We need to be patient for some time without losing hope and wait till the opportunity crosses our path.

Here are some points to keep in mind while you are out on hunt for your Dream Job :

  1. Stay Motivated….

Many times it happens that we loose our control on things when we don’t see things working out . We are ready for the challenges but we do not get the right opportunity knocking our doors Or Sometimes its the social pressure we have to get the job as soon as possible.

First of all its very important to understand that hey its absolutely Okay! to have a job bit late . A good job which would give you inner happiness and may be less money is better than not having any or getting the job not of your type.

Ignore all the negativity around, watch some motivational videos , keep faith in you and see what good comes to you 😉

2. Choose your field…

Frankly speaking, post college is the actual time when you realize what exactly what you want to do in life.

And it is the time when you actually need to choose what you need to do. Some may want to stay related to their education and some may even want to go for other careers. Some want to go only with government jobs while some want to have a blue collar IT job.

Some may even want to do something out of their hobbies or passion…

I would say really don’t hesitate to go out-stream if you really have some plan in mind.

However, if you don’t have any plan , first plan for a job that you can get easily and help you be stable. Once that is done, you can move to your interest side too.

3. Start searching for your job on relevant portals…

If you are really concerned about the jobs or opportunity, never stop looking for it. Start googling for relevant job portals for your field and stay prepared for it.

Some of the job portals helpful for Freshers as as follows:

  1. naukri.com
  2. freshersworld.com
  3. monster.com , etc

Apart from this there are several job groups on social media like Facebook where you can get information about it.

Only thing you need to do is stay updated with the opportunities and be ready for it.

4. Manage contacts….

Its true that we perform well when we see people working around.Sometimes we see may them as a competition too. But at this point if you feel competition, nothing can better motivate you. Find out the people preparing for same thing and go for group studies. Advantage of group studies is that it promotes curiosity, team work spirit and playful environment which is much needed at this point of time.

Apart from this , never sign off for long from social media. I have seen people signing off from Facebook and other portal just because they are in job search period and preparing for something and want to come back with a bang.

Hey! please note, nowadays social medias are the best sources for any job related information and also keeps us updated about anything going around in the world. Also, social media connects us with many people who can act as a referrers when required.

Thus, SAY NO! to NO SOCIAL MEDIA approach.

5. Continue with Basics….

Staying updated is very important at any point of time and that’s why our Dads’ keeps running behind us for reading newspapers. Keeping in touch with your basic subjects all the time is very important.

Any interviewer when looks at the resume, gets an idea what subjects can he ask. In that case its very important to know the basic very clearly so that he can get idea of your understanding on topics. Note that sometimes answers to these questions are the key parameters to qualify you to the next round.

Make it a habit of making notes for everything that you feel will help you.

6. Reading…..

As I mentioned, Dads’ always want their children to read the newspaper, the main reason is news. Of course! But did you notice that its a source of lot more than that. Mark the hard words from the newspaper ,find the meanings and you can play it as a quiz in your next group study session. Also, use your current affairs newspaper knowledge which would help you in Group discussion round in interviews.

Reading is really a true source of wisdom.

7. Practice…

“Practice makes a man perfect” , that’s true. To be perfect, keep practicing all your subjects,puzzles, aptitude and logical reasoning on daily basis.

Some of the sites for practicing basic aptitudes and practice paper are as below:

  1. indiabix.com
  2. fresherworld.com
  3. gyanjosh.com
  4. iqmantra.com

For F2F, practice in front of mirror.

Happy practicing!

8. Test Series…

Maintaining the speed and quick response to any question is always required while giving any kind of test is very important. Test series help in maintaining that speed and make us used to tests.Go for test series available in market. Make sure you prepare context wise. People try to hit several targets. Stay focussed and you will surely hit it.

9. Evaluate Yourself…

Apart from practicing and going with test series, evaluate yourselves if you are prepared for the coming interviews or not . Timely evaluation will help you improve more and will boost your confidence.

10. Play Your card…

Its quite obvious, when you are quite confident of hitting the target ,you will play your card more confidently.

Here’s the end of this post.

All the very best!

Remember, It may be bad day someday but not always!!


Hope you find this blog post helpful!

I will soon come up with a new helpful post!

-Sonali :)