Yes, empathy was certainly lacking, but even more fundamentally lacking in Brock Turner’s response…
Jack Preston King


  1. I don’t think you understand what empathy is. Empathy is what allows us to see others as people, not just objects.
  2. Pornography is a huge problem? Then stop whining and get out there with conservatives trying to have it banned.
  3. “Women are real human beings to be loved and respected, and who are in every way equal to men” isn’t taught? The equality part absolutely is taught. If you deny that, then you’re willfully ignorant. The part about viewing others as human beings isn’t taught, but that goes for both genders, not just women. Your post exemplifies the massive blind spot feminists have. You see instances of women being treated like garbage and automatically assume misogyny, yet you ignore instances of men being treated like garbage. If you weren’t so blind, you would realize, “oh…our society treats everyone like garbage (unless they’re wealthy)”.
  4. The rest of your post is just…wow. It’s no less crazy than calling all Mexicans rapists, but you’ve heard that Misogyny is Everywhere nonsense so much that you now believe it. People like you and Trump supporters are two sides of the same coin.
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