First of all…sexist?
Susan Cortilet Jones

I agree that the people who want to judge females and males by different standards are sexists.

I didn’t mention only baseball players. Jesse Owens was not a baseball player. He was the track-and-field athlete who embarrassed Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I did mention mostly baseball players because I know more about baseball better than I know about any other sport. I could come up with examples from other sports, if you’d like, but I don’t think you’re really interested. I think you were just trying to find something to complain about because you don’t have a strong argument.

In order to be the best at a sport, you have to be able to beat everyone else at that sport. That standard is consistent, regardless of gender and ethnicity. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons I (and many others) argue against calling Babe Ruth the best baseball player of all time. Non-whites were not allowed to play in MLB in Babe Ruth’s time, so he never played against the great black players of the time. In other words, Ruth didn’t face the best possible competition because his competition was weakened by segregation.

You could try to make the same argument when it comes to gender segregation, but it falls flat because no one is explicitly denying females the opportunity to play in professional sports leagues (NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB/etc). Females are allowed to play in those professional leagues…if they’re good enough. Females don’t play in those professional leagues because female athletes can make significantly more money playing in the female-only leagues. Likewise, Serena Williams doesn’t play in the men’s circuit, not because females have been explicitly banned, but because she makes significantly more money playing in the women’s circuit than she could ever hope to make if she played in the men’s circuit.

You asked:

Are you then concluding that because of physicality men can only be considered the best at sport?

Not at all. A female could be considered the best at sport, but she has to prove it against the best possible competition from all genders. Males also have to prove it against the best possible competition from all genders. So far, a grand total of zero females have pulled this off. So far, 100% of the people to pull this off have been males.

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