Serena not only excel s— she is the greatest tennis player ever.
Jason Gershenson

If Serena Williams is the Greatest Tennis Player Of All Time, then she should at the very least be able to defeat Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. I’m not 100% certain who would win those matches (I’m only 99.999% certain). However, if you or I were forced to bet our lives on a match between Serena Williams and Murray (or Nadal or Federer), I would put my money and Murray and so would you because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to die.

Serena Williams is, without a doubt, the greatest female tennis player ever, but that’s as far as you can go with that line of thinking. She is no closer to being the Greatest Tennis Player Of All Time than a pitcher who puts up great stats in college is to being the greatest pitcher of all time. In fact, Serena Williams faced a male tennis player back in 1998 and was easily defeated. She didn’t face one of the best male tennis players, either. She lost 6–1 to a guy, Karsten Braasch, who was ranked #203, had just finished a round of golf, and a couple beers.

Regarding a hypothetical match against Andy Murray, Serena Williams also said “That would be fun. I doubt I’d win a point, but that would be fun.” She knows what you clearly do not, and that is that the top male tennis players in the world are at a significantly higher level than she is.

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