When Going To The Doctor Means Losing Consent
Rebecca Lemke

If you want medical professionals to treat you, you must submit to their procedures. If you do not want to be examined, you have the option of not being treated (except while you are a child, when your parent(s) are legally and morally obligated to make health care decisions for you).

No medical professional in their right mind would prescribe a treatment without performing the standard patient examinations. If they honored your request and treated you without examining you, they would be making themselves vulnerable to a malpractice lawsuit and potential disciplinary action. In other words, they would be putting their careers on the line to accommodate your request. My wife is a physician and I hope she never puts her career (which includes more than a decade of training and hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt which has yet to be paid back) on the line accommodate a request like that.

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