I was appalled by McEnroe’s comment but, sadly, not shocked.

Really? You were appalled when McEnroe said Serena Williams would rank around #700 if she played in the men’s circuit? If you really were appalled, you have a really low bar for being appalled. I can’t find the energy to get appalled over something as trivial as this, especially when things genuinely worthy of being appalled over happen every day in this world.

By the way, Serena Williams did compete with a male player once. Back in 1998 she played a set against the #203 ranked male player at the time. She lost 6–1 and he wasn’t even taking it that seriously. He had played a round of golf and drank a couple beers the morning they played.

You might not like what McEnroe said for ideological and political reasons, but he was probably closer to being correct than The Outraged would ever admit. His estimate may or may not be off by a few hundred, but a lack of accuracy is not why people are outraged. If he had said Serena Williams would rank around #300 in the men’s circuit, people would have been just as outraged because saying she would be anything less than #1 in the men’s circuit diminishes the magnitude of her accomplishments.

In other words, people are mostly angry that McEnroe reminded them of an Inconvenient Truth. The top male athletes are athletically superior to the top female athletes, and it’s not even remotely close. In a time when it’s socially acceptable to say women are better than men at something, but it’s not socially acceptable to say men are better than women at something, it’s not surprising that people were outraged over his politically incorrect statements. What would be surprising is if people were not outraged.

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