I believe only a fool would view their ideology as flawless.
Paul Henry

I believe only a fool would view their ideology as flawless. Moreover, if Damore is assuming their ideology is flawed, he’s clearly then using sarcasm. So… still an insult *even* if Google thought their ideology was flawless. At least for any concepts more complex than basic Boolean logic.

The world is full of fools. You didn’t realize I was being facetious?

Calling something an ideological echo chamber is really weak as far as insults go. The people who find it the most offensive are those whose ideology is also part of their identity.

Merging ideology and identity is a terrible idea. It means that anyone who disagrees with you is not just attacking your beliefs, they are attacking your identity. Every disagreement is viewed as a personal attack. Does that remind you of anything?

You’d be less amused and saddened if you simply limited yourself to *only* deconstructing arguments instead of adding support to the opposing viewpoint. You think you’re doing one thing, but you’re doing another. That’s why you’re confusing Breitbart and others like myself I guess.

What, exactly, am I confusing?

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