I think both of these solutions have merit, but cop punching might solve our problem faster. For starters, we don’t need a lot of people punching cops. We just need enough so that Fox and Friends will think twice before labeling people like me extremists.
In Defense of Punching Cops
The DiDi Delgado

This isn’t just a terrible idea, your conclusion is flat out wrong. Fox would not stop calling you an extremist, they would escalate and call you a terrorist.

By the way, if you think violence is the solution, then you have not been paying attention. The most successful social movements have been ones that tap into peoples’ sense of fairness and compassion. For example, feminists have spent decades teaching people that women are victims and men are abusers, and it has been fabulously successful. It’s been so successful that feminists now complain about things like sales tax on tampons and having to pay for birth control out of pocket (aka, First World problems).

The civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s was able to end the Jim Crow era, not because blacks were so violent that they scared white people into submission, but because television exposed the brutality of the time to everyone. It successfully tapped into peoples’ compassion.

If you think fear and intimidation is the way forward, then when people label you an extremist they are correct.

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