This Asshole Is Trying to Ruin Dating for Everyone
John McDermott

Vezmar is a moron for filing a lawsuit over $17.31. The court costs, alone, are going to be more greater than $17.31 and this is just about the least important issue for someone to “take a stand” on. He also has a 99.999999% chance of losing. But the idea that he’s “trying to ruin dating for everyone” is absurd. The headline explicitly asserts intent — “trying to…” — , but the article fails to provide any evidence that this is Vezmar’s intent.

The following line is also problematic:

This quid-pro-quo thinking is the exact bullshit that make women so reluctant to accept date invitations in the first place, let alone let the guy pay for their share.

“Women” are not reluctant to let a guy pay for their share. Some women are undoubtedly reluctant, but the male gender role obligation of paying for dates is still largely enforced.

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