if he didn’t want to be viewed as ‘the enemy’ by people with an opposing viewpoint, he shouldn’t…
Paul Henry

if he didn’t want to be viewed as ‘the enemy’ by people with an opposing viewpoint, he shouldn’t have entitled his paper with an insult. its clear he already deemed the opposition as ‘the enemy’

What is wrong with an ideological echo chamber if your ideology is flawless? If people believe their ideology is beyond reproach, beyond criticism, then an ideological echo chamber is a good thing.

but i don’t see you calling him out on it. only calling out people who disagree with him.

Right, you don’t see it. And because you don’t see it, it must not be happening. Both your logic and ideology are flawless!

If I was addressing Damore or an audience of people who believed everything he said was correct (or that he didn’t go far enough), I would be arguing against them. That’s not happening here because Medium’s viewers and commenters lean pretty far to the left.

It’s both amusing and sad that people on sites like Breitbart accuse me of being a leftist for taking the same stance that gets me accused of being alt-right on sites like Medium. I believe that serves to demonstrate, not just how extreme both “sides” have become, but how intolerant both sides are toward anyone who dares to intrude on their ideological echo chambers.

so, its not that i view him as ‘the enemy,’ i’m pretty sure you simply just agree with him and don’t like people attacking his viewpoints. just a feeling, can’t be certain, but it makes sense. i mean, you went out of your way to find evidence to help support him instead of looking at his information on its own as it was provided. again, that could just be something you do, but, more likely, you found a champion in Damore.

Have you read my profile bio? I’m a contrarian. I found evidence, not to support Damore’s point, but to show that you should dial your dogmatism back several notches. I think I was at least somewhat successful because your tone has changed. Instead of speaking with dogmatic certainty, you are now (mostly) qualifying your opinions and speculation. That’s a step in the right direction.

Damore is my champion? Nope. I don’t have a champion. I don’t have a god. There are a handful of people I have admired over the years (such as the late, great Christopher Hitchens, of whom I disagreed with many things he said and wrote) and Damore does not even come close. Damore is an intelligent, but unwise child. I don’t believe he is a sexist, racist, or anything other -ist. Ironically, calling him those things won’t turn him into an anti-racist or anti-sexist. It will push him closer to the genuine racists and sexists. That’s counter-productive, but the righteous indignation feels so good!

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