Point well taken.

Whenever there is a conversation where someone wants to compare male and female (adult) athletes, it’s pretty much always started by someone trying to argue that female athletes are at the same level as (or better than) male athletes. It recently happened when Ronda Rousey said she could beat Floyd Mayweather. It also happened when a member of the US World Cup Men’s team said the US World Cup Women’s team could beat the Men’s team. Multiple members of the Women’s team agreed that they could beat the Men’s team.


Ronda Rousey never fought Floyd Mayweather (and has since fallen from grace), so I guess we’ll never know if she could beat one of the greatest boxers of all time. The US Women’s World Cup team hasn’t played the Men’s team, but they did play a team of boys from FC Dallas Under-15s…and lost 5–2. The best Women’s soccer team in the US lost to a bunch of teenage boys.


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