“To program or not to program, that is the question.”

Actually, it really isn’t a question at all. Computer programming is simply a career with many advantages. I was rather skeptical of the fun in computer science, but after looking into the profession, I realized that I couldn’t be more certain that it is a brilliant choice for a profession.

The first thing someone would consider when deciding for a career is money. Though the average rate of pay for computer programmers is about $74,280, I find the factor of fun important as well. I have a fascination for creation. Who doesn’t? Chefs may create cakes, Artists create beautiful images. Computer programmers make software programs. In this profession, you would not only get the sheer joy of making things, but actually producing something that is very useful to others.

I am a seeker of knowledge. Though not everyone is, those who are would simply love computer programming. The act of fashioning complex, puzzle-like objects of interlocking parts is purely intriguing. Though there is a lot to learn such as the wide variety of computer languages, gaining the knowledge to turn program designs into instructions for a computer would be rather interesting.

Another reason that computer programming is the freedom that comes with it. Anyone would like the idea of being able to do their work anywhere, anytime, and computer programmers can often do this. They are also usually free to have their choice of platform and programming language. Even in working for a company they aren’t trapped in a cubicle for all hours of the day.

What I want to learn

Planning software is a big part of this occupation, and it interests me. To create models and flow charts showing how code is to be written is what I would love to learn. Writing and debugging codes and designing an application are interesting contributions to computer programming as a whole and are basically its foundation. Over all it is just an engrossing subject that anyone could enjoy.

Computer programming is a really rewarding career. It has many obstacles, but those are merely hurdles on the track of your mind. With that profession programmers are always learning and the wheels of their mind are constantly turning. I love a challenge, but also to have fun with whatever I am doing. Computer programming simply is clearly the best fit for all of these needs.