“Stay Positive” … I hate that damn phrase. I’m HIV positive.

Josh Robbins
May 25, 2015 · 2 min read

Maybe you are right. Slogans are weak. But people are lazy. I am.

Are you?

I find your mind brilliant, your work intense and raw. You are an artist that says ‘son of a bitch’ to that specific label — because you can or will.

I respect that, and value that voice. It’s the honesty that I love. And hate. Really hate sometimes because it doesn’t feel good, and helpful.

But maybe it’s that lack helpfulness in my naive opinion that actually helps you. Or helps you teach me I’m naive.

Are we a modern day Mr. Miyagi and Daniel Larusso?

Regardless, it’s raw. And it feels both wonderful and problematic. It’s infectious. Just look at this short reply essay. Your beats. These moments. Feel better than when I was first reading your beats and jaded style of sentencing. Is that a word? It should be.

That paragraph got too long.

Fuck it.

I respect you. Back to that thought.

Thank you for sharing your voice. It’s dead. But probably more relevant that the cliches I say. But I hope those smiles I see mean something to that person for the second.

It’s what gets me off.

You are a genius.

And I hate every word you write.

:) < — youth know that means ‘it was a joke’.

Josh Robbins

Written by

HIV-postive activist & blogger from HIV blog http://imstilljosh.com