My 2016 New Year’s Resolution.

I decided to write my own top 10 New Year Resolution after reading Kevin Rose post. I give you high five not drinking soda. People you want to know what soda really does to your body. Google it or YouTube it.

Sometimes I don’t to all my resolutions, but the few I do end up accomplishing become part of my daily routine, and define me. Today I will not mention anywhere in my resolution about work. I believe resolutions are about the your company or place you work out, instead resolution is about what we work on our healthy body, and keep our mind sharp. Everything else in life you want will follow.

  1. 100 Pushups, crunches, pull-ups — each. Recommend Greg Plitt’s work out videos, and Tony Horton’s P90x app)
  2. Continue…Sleep Smoothly, and Early. Recommend to start with (Sleep better with Sleep Cycle)
  3. Mediation daily. (10% Happier app) Thank you Veronica Belmont
  4. Read books daily. No matter what. Thank you Tai Lopez
  5. Go venture out more often. (Watch this video Nature)
  6. New Eating Regiment (Prep Meals 5 times a day) Any recommendations prep meals ordered to your door type? Tim Ferriss and/or anyone familiar in this field.
  7. Revamp My Image (Tips and Goodies recommend Aaron Marino)
  8. Finally revamp and finish my new blog.
  9. Complete my new mobile app.
  10. Continue…Connect with people I want to surround myself. As always my family first. (Bucket-list — One day meet in person Joe Polish)

Thank you for taking the time to read over my post. I shared with you couple of my New Years resolution. What are your new year resolution?

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